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Making Food Fun for Little Ones

Karen Kart

Parenting can bring such immense pleasure, but it also has its challenges.  Our parenting consultant Debra Zeichner, Parent Coach and Educator, will share great tips to help you maneuver through the joys of mealtime with little ones!

If you have a toddler or young child, you have probably dealt with your fair share of mealtime struggles, such as: picky eating, fear of new foods, foods touching and/or foods being used as a frisbee.  Sound familiar?

It may be helpful to know that these behaviors are actually developmentally appropriate (i.e. normal!).  More specifically, a child often uses food and mealtime to demonstrate his need for a sense of control and autonomy over an environment that is still new and scary.

Allowing your child to engage with a fun and friendly plate like Adi, for example, certainly makes mealtime feel less threatening.  One fabulous feature of Adi is its divided sections.  Given that kids naturally want to exert a sense of control, especially during mealtime, Adi's separated sections offers the child an opportunity to decide what food will go into which area.  This also comes in handy for those kids who prefer to not have two foods touching.

Parents can set the stage for mealtime success by adopting a relaxed and positive attitude, offering choices and reminding themselves that being together for a family meal offers an opportunity for closeness, bonding and connection – the very things our kids desire most of all!

Debbie Zeichner, LCSW

Parent Coach and Educator